What is Personal Injury?

Car and tractor trailer accidents are certainly the most common causes of personal injury but serious injuries occur as a result countless acts of carelessness.  When you are hurt as the result of someone’s carelessness or recklessness you are in fact a victim.  Victims often experience substantial pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage.  More often than not, injured victims are victimized again by not receiving the adequate compensation for the losses that they suffered which were no fault of their own. Far too often, accident victims are unaware of their right to adequate compensation and either live with their loss fearing being called litigious or simply accept the first offer from an insurance company whose only concern is keeping the profits from the years of insurance premiums they collected instead paying for the very harm that they contractually agreed to pay for. It is crucial to retain a qualified attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you are adequately compensated before time runs out on your claim. Never talk to the insurance company before you talk to your lawyer! Never!

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